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UK government in talks with Samsung to replace Huawei 5G network equipment

United Kingdom's government is speaking to Samsung, NEC, and other telecom infrastructure suppliers to replace Huawei's network equipment.
UK Government in talks with Samsung to replace Huawei 5G Network equipment
File photo: Cell tower captured by Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Amid China and US tensions

Electronics Weekly reports that the United Kingdom's government is planning to ban the use of Huawei components from non-core networks even after it had ordered the removal of Huawei components from telecom networks in the country due to alleged data security issues.

British Cellular operator BT has begun using Ericsson network equipment while competing operator O2 has awarded new contracts with Nokia. BT has committed to removing Huawei Networking gear by 2023. 

As of writing, only Ericsson, Huawei, and Nokia are capable of supplying end-to-end network equipment. Samsung can step-in to fill the gaps and provide LTE and 5G Network for telecommunication firms in the United Kingdom like how it provided 5G network equipment for firms in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United States.

The Korean giant currently has the highest number of granted 5G patents in the world and to improve its 5G technology, Samsung has partnered with Marvell, NetLiner, and Xilinx and has acquired TeleWorld Solutions.

Germany, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Taiwan have also decided to move away from Huawei-made components for telecom networks.

Lastly, the UK has proposed a plan to the American Government to form a group of 10 countries called D10 that includes the G7, Australia, India, and South Korea.

This group of 10 countries would work together to create a solution to create an alternative source of 5G network components.

Huawei, on the other hand, is the world's largest telecommunications equipment company in the world.

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