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Epson EF-100 series projectors great or movie nights during quarantine or not

With movie theaters out of the question during the quarantine period, Epson EF-100 series projectors aim to bring movie nights at home.
Epson 3LCD EF-100 series projectors
Epson 3LCD EF-100 series projectors

The smallest 3LCD laser projectors

It is light and flexible for different uses
It is light and flexible for different uses

The Epson EF-100 projectors are the smallest 3LCD laser projectors to date. 3LCD technology utilizes liquid crystal panels to deliver vibrant and consistent images for viewers. Epson uses three different liquid crystal panels to process each primary color, red, green, and blue, continuously to make sure that even rapid-motion video is projected smoothly.

The EF-100 series can be easily used anywhere within your home. It is touted to be able to have a projection size of up to 150 inches. It can project images at any angle with 360-degree flexibility for orientation.

The EF-100 series is light and compact as it weights at 2.7 kg only. It can also project at 2,000 lumens with a high contrast ratio. Its laser light source makes it possible to project images even in daylight. No need to close the windows or turn the lights off.

It is only low-maintenance since lasers only need replacing after 20,000 hours of usage. It is also able to stream content from phones, tablets, DVD players, game consoles, and laptops via HDMI port.

Price and availability

The Epson EF-100B Tailored Black and EF-100W Classy White are both priced at PHP 59,995. The Classy White model is available online at Lazada and 3-Hub while the Tailored Black model is available for purchase at Epson's authorized dealer stores nationwide.

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