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Garmin teams up with PhysioQ to support and accelerate COVID-19 research

Garmin announced that it is working with PhysioQ to connect users' health data from Garmin smartwatches to Neo which is a connected self-monitoring health system.
Garmin teams up with PhysioQ to support and accelerate COVID-19 research
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Garmin helps COVID-19 research

Neo will allow the user's and its family members' vitals. It is critical to track these vitals as these can be indicators of any abnormality in their health status that would suggest health issues.

This would help accelerate COVID-19 research around the world as more medical professionals continue to work on understanding the implications and effects of COVID-19+. Data from PhysioQ has been used by researchers in institutions such as Harvard University, Berkeley University, Boston University, McGill University, and Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute.

This joint project started on July 1. Users can register their family members on Neo and keep track of each family member's vitals that includes Blood oxygen saturation, respiration rate, heart rate, sleep, body temperature, and receive real-time updates on these vital signs.

The PhysioQ Neo app is available for download on both Android and iOS platforms for FREE. 

In addition, upon registration on PhysioQ, users will receive a promo code that would allow them to get a 10 percent discount on any purchase of PhysioQ-compatible smartwatches on this link.

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