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Google Pixel 4a to launch this August 3!

A puzzle teaser page is now live at the Google Store website that when answered correctly, teases the launch of the next Pixel phone this August 3, 2020.
Google Pixel 4a to launch this August 3!
August 3 launch date?

Google Pixel 4a to launch soon?

A recent teaser page with a puzzle on the Google Store website went live recently. This puzzle is based on the "loren ipsum" which is a common placeholder for web pages. upon arrival, you are greeted with the "The Google" with a redacted tagline. If you click the black bars, the colors change to the iconic Google colors.

If you change the colors to adapt to the Google logo's color sequence, the puzzle is solved.

If the color sequence is done correctly, the puzzle reveals the August 3 date and the tagline "The Google Just What You've Been Waiting For Phone".

Rumors initially claimed that the Google Pixel 4a was supposed to be announced at Google I/O that was scheduled in May. A few days ago, another rumor suggested that it was to launch on August 3. Today, Google has confirmed it with the aforementioned teaser page.

What do you guys think?

Source: Google, Via: GSMArena, NotebookCheck
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