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XTREME unveils new appliances for your kitchen needs

XTREME believes that consumers prefer high quality but practical items as they prepare for the new normal. Because of that, the company launched a new series of appliances that can be useful in the kitchen.
XTREME unveils new appliances for your kitchen needs
One of the new appliances offered by XTREME

Small kitchen appliances from XTREME

As a brand known for affordable but reliable appliances, XTREME has good news for those who love to prepare their own meals. It reveals new multi-cookers, blenders, electric kettles, and an induction cooker.


These multicookers from XTREME come in two sizes, in 1L and 1.8L. For their features, they have an auto keep-warm function to preserve food's heat. Aside from that, they all have removable large steam ventilation, easy-to-read LED, and an inner pot with non-stick coating. 
 New jar-type multicooker
New jar-type multicooker

Each of the multicookers is packaged with accessories like a scoop, a measuring cup, and a food steamer. The jar type 1.8L cooker has an additional function since you can cook porridge in it. This is also useful for creating noodles and stew dishes.


The latest blenders from XTREME is suitable for creating healthy juices and marinades. Two of them have the common plastic build while the other one seems to be a personal blender. The plastic jar blenders have a food-grade material blade and 1.5L capacity. 
It has a capacity of 1.5 liters
It has a capacity of 1.5 liters

Meanwhile, the personal blender is travel-friendly and said to be suitable for protein shakes, salad dressings, and smoothies. These blenders feature interlock protection and anti-slip suction feet for safety.
Personal blender for protein shakes
Personal blender for protein shakes

Electric Kettles

The XTREME Electric Kettles are handy for brewing drinks and they are available in two designs. The first one is has a glass transparent bod with a blue light filter. 
Transparent glass design
Transparent glass design

The other one has a double stainless wall for protection of the hot exterior. The brand claims that both kettles are convenient to use and they have features like a pop-up lid, cord storage, and capacity of 8 cups. 
Another kettle
Another kettle

Induction Cooker 

With Induction Cooker from XTREME, you can prepare and heat your meals quicker. This cooker boasts the following features: a soft touch control, high-temperature protection, and an 8-stage power setting. 
Faster meal preparation with this induction cooker
Faster meal preparation with this induction cooker

Moreover, it has six programs so you can use it for different kinds of dishes. It includes modes like normal fry, deep fry, hot pot, porridge, soup, and braise.  

Pricing and availability

Digital Multi-Cooker 1.0L - PHP 2,495
Digital Multi-Cooker 1.8L - PHP 2,995
Jar-type Multi-Cooker 1.8L - PHP 1,995
Plastic Jar Blender 1.5L - PHP 1,695 
Plastic Jar Blender 1.25L - PHP 1,495 
Personal Blender 600ML - PHP 1,295 
Stainless Electric Kettle  - PHP 1,495 
Glass Electric Kettle - PHP 995
Induction Cooker - PHP 1,995

These products are available online through the XTREME website, Lazada, and Shopee pages. 
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