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Classic Facebook desktop layout will no longer be available in September

By September, social media platform Facebook is totally phasing out its classic design so the users will have no choice but to use the new interface. 
Classic Facebook desktop layout will no longer be available in September
No more classic layout by September

The new design has dark mode and less clutter

The new design was announced at Facebook’s developer conference last year and initially rolled out on the service’s iOS and Android apps. Facebook revealed a new UI last year and it started to roll out this 2020. As of now, users still can switch back to the classic design if they like it better for its familiarity. 
New user interface
New user interface

Allegedly the latest interface appears to be cleaner and more modern. It comes with a dark mode and the social networking giant already removed the blue navigation bar. It has a less-cluttered layout with more white space.

In addition to this, this is said to have a more streamlined navigational approach. As a result, it will be probably easier to search for and locate groups, games, and videos. Functionally, it also places a bigger focus on the service’s Groups features. It is claimed to be noticeably displaying links to Facebook’s Watch, Marketplace, and Gaming sections in its top navigation bar.

Users also noticed that a dialogue box has been popping whenever they attempt to go back to the classic mode.

It is only a reminder that they can no longer access the classic Facebook experience starting next month. Also, the social networking giant is encouraging users to try the new version before it became the default experience. In that way, they can let the company know how it can be improved.

However, it may take some time for those used to the classic Facebook layout to adapt to these changes. There are multiple reports that the new layout is stuttery and heavier to load than the old layout.

 Let's hope that Facebook will have a fix for this soon.

Do you guys agree?

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