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Facebook outs "Favorites" to let you see posts you only want to see

Facebook has a little-known feature that lets you bookmark apps, pages, groups with a new feature called Favorites.
 Facebook outs "Favorites" to let you see posts you only want to see
You can now sort your close friends from acquaintances

Promote more engagement among close Facebook friends

Social media platform Facebook has been testing this feature since November 2019. This will be an option for users to share their Facebook and Messenger Stories with smaller, selected groups of friends.  
How Favorites feature works
How Favorites feature works

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong confirmed that this feature is still in the testing phase.  Wong said on her tweet that Favorites has a similar style with the "Close Friends" feature that Instagram rolled out last year. However, unlike Instagram, Facebook says the feature isn’t a way of restricting who sees your actual Facebook Story.

This feature appears to be aligned more with the broader usage of Stories as a more private option. This idea is said to come from Snapchat's format wherein the focus is communication with your close-knit contacts.  The option could provide a way to share with a few, chosen friends that may result in more engagement with them.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that is part of their attempts to pivot the company’s social networks into a more privacy-focused communications platform that’s the digital equivalent of a living room rather than a town square. He explained further,

Many people prefer the intimacy of communicating one-on-one or with just a few friends. Facebook can’t just be the general-purpose catch-all social network we occasionally check for acquaintances’ broadcasted life updates. To survive another 15 years, it must be where people come back each day to get real with their dearest friends. Less can be more.

Facebook rolled out this feature to its selected users and will likely bring the official version after testing. 

Do you think this feature is necessary? What are your thoughts?

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