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Huawei is set to introduce new live E-commerce Solution at Huawei Developer Day

Huawei will be holding the next installment of its Huawei Developer Day (HDD), an event which dives into how online retailers and developers can scale up their businesses through Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).
Huawei is set to introduce new live E-Commerce Solution at Huawei Developer Day
E-commerce Solution at Huawei Developer Day soon

The event which will be globally broadcasted for FREE on 6th August will be named The Huawei Developer Webinar | Connect LIVEs with E-commerce.

The Huawei Developer Webinar aims to help businesses leverage live streaming better

What developers can look forward to are learnings on how they can utilize Huawei tools to increase traffic on their online platforms and drive down costs when hosting live E-commerce events.

Huawei has also partnered with LiveMe and Kumu to bring more insight into the world of live streaming and how it should be done to effectively draw in more interest towards the products they sell, which in turn becomes profit. 

Huawei’s goal is to provide an opportunity for developers and retailers across industries to enhance their live commerce capabilities through tried and tested HMS-based solutions.

It is part of the company's commitment to creating a smart ecosystem for developers which will give them better experiences and room to develop their products further. 

The hour-long webinar will also be interactive, allowing participants to freely comment on insights or whatever questions they might have. 

Read more about HMS here.
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