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Huawei Mobile Services Ecosystem and AppGallery now have reached 700M users worldwide

Tech giant Huawei reported the growth of Huawei Mobile Services Ecosystem and AppGallery during the 19th China Internet Conference last July 23.
Huawei Mobile Services Ecosystem and AppGallery now have reached 700M users worldwide
Huawei Developer Conference last year

More support for global developers and partners

According to Huawei, its ecosystem apparently grew rapidly that it was able to reach  700 million global users and 32 percent annual growth. It seeks to encourage global innovative developers to work with Huawei Mobile Services to bring better and smarter experience to consumers. 

To assist global partners and developers with innovation, Huawei opens "Chipset-Device-Cloud" capabilities through HMS Core, giving developers access to Huawei’s Machine Learning Kit, HiAI, AR Engine, etc. Not only that, it allegedly gives a one-stop app development support in over 67 areas through AppGallery Connect.

The company previously launched a 1 B dollar Shining Star Program to provide incentives and motivate developers. Because of that, More than 10,000 innovative apps made were developed and made progress.

Aside from that, more developers are joining the HMS advancement with more than 81,000 of innovative applications. The number of registered Huawei developers worldwide has now a total of 1.6M, which is a 76 percent annual increase.

President of Consumer Cloud Service, Huawei Consumer Business Group Zhang Ping'an emphasized the advancement of AppGallery by saying,

AppGallery, Huawei's official app distribution platform, covers more than 170 countries and regions. With this coverage, we hope to share local digital innovation with the world. We want every innovative app developed by global partners to reach all 700 million Huawei device users.

Another app that is claimed to promote a smarter and more convenient digital life experience is the Quick App. This is a new type of installation-free apps to let users experience tap-to-use functions, consuming less memory. There's also an app called Ability and it is powered by Huawei AI technology that has Content Ability, Card Ability, and App Ability. 

As of the moment, Huawei Mobile Services has built six regional centers globally. The company offers localized services across the globe through DIGIX Lab, HUAWEI Developers, Huawei Developer Day, and many other opportunities.

What are your thoughts on these efforts?
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