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Samsung and Microsoft to allow users to run Android apps on Windows 10 soon

As part of yesterday's Galaxy Note 20 launch, Microsoft also announced that an upcoming update to Your Phone will let users run multiple Android apps side by side.
Samsung and Microsoft to allow users to run Android apps on Windows 10 soon
Sync notes and reminders from Samsung Note to Outlook apps

PCs can soon launch apps on Galaxy devices

Samsung and Microsoft teased about their partnership to make Android and Windows work better together at the 2019 Galaxy Unpacked event. Now, they were able to create integrations between their two ecosystems. 

With this update, users will be able to run apps from Samsung Galaxy Note20 on a Windows 10 PC. This feature won’t be available until sometime later this year. It will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 20 at first but the companies will likely bring this update to other Galaxy devices as well.

Microsoft noted that they are working on a feature to run multiple apps and planning to release an update this coming November. To access frequently-used apps, users can also pin them to the taskbar or Start menu just like they do with a Windows program.

Aside from that, the two tech giants are working on seamless data syncing between the Galaxy Note 20 and the Microsoft 365 suite of apps. For example, notes from the Samsung Notes app will be able to integrate with the OneNote app and the OneNote feed in Outlook. Samsung reminders will be able to connect across Microsoft To-Do, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft said that they are preparing to release these features soon.

However, the company explained that there's still a limitation in this app feature and integration. Some apps may block screencast functions so it will just project a black screen. As for some Android games, they may not respond to a mouse and keyboard. Also, there will be instances that the audio of some apps might not play on the computer.

Aside from the announcement of this integration, the two companies also told the press about a special version of the Xbox Game Pass app coming to Samsung’s Galaxy Store. This is said to enable players to make in-app purchases

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