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Facebook launches Instagram Reels to challenge TikTok!

Facebook takes on TikTok with the new Instagram Reels where you can record and edit 15-second videos with audio and effects from built-in creative tools.
Facebook launches Instagram Reels to challenge TikTok!
Instagram Reels challenges TikTok

Instagram Reels challenges TikTok

How to create Reels

Instagram has officially announced Instagram Reels which the company says is a new way to create and discover short and entertaining videos on Instagram. Instagram users are invited to create 15-second short-form videos while adding audio and effects with built-in creative tools.

To create Reels, select reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. On the left side are the creative tools that include Audio, AR Effects, Timer and Countdown, Align, and Speed.

In audio, you are given the freedom to search for a song from the Instagram Music Library as well as adding your own original Audio. 

AR effects let you select from a variety of effects from Instagram and creators to record multiple clips with different effects.

Timer and Countdown allow users to set a timer to record clips hands-free.

Align lines up objects from previous clips before recording to help create seamless transitions for moments like adding new friends into reals and when recording outfit changes.

Speed allows users to choose to speed up or slow down parts of the video or audio the user selects.

Reels can be recorded either in a single long clip or a series of clips or by uploading a video from the smartphone's gallery. 
How to watch Reels
How to watch Reels

Reels are shared differently depending on if the user's account is Public or Private. Reels from Public accounts have a dedicated space in the Explore section of the app.

Reels are also shared with the account's followers. While Private accounts follow the user's privacy settings and can only be seen by your followers. People will not be able to use your original audio from your Reels and they also can't share your Reels to people who don't follow the user's account.

Once your Reel is ready, you can then move to the Share screen where you can save a draft of the Reel, change the cover image, add and edit captions and hashtags, and tag select people on the Reel. 

Whether a user has a Public or Private account, users can share their Reels on their Instagram Stories and will disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Reels is now available in select countries that include the United States, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia. There is no word yet on Philippine arrival date.

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