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Japanese studios join hands to bring FREE anime on YouTube

Even though Kissanime has been shut down, anime lovers can still rejoice since top animation studios are bringing FREE anime Youtube.
Japanese studios join hands to bring FREE anime on YouTube
Animelog on YouTube

Stream anime shows without a paid subscription

It will be possible for viewers to stream anime shows legally as some animation studios in Japan join forces to make Animelog or Anilog. This is the YouTube channel where fans can watch anime shows with official subtitles for FREE.

Digital strategy company Analyzelog launched this channel in order to address the problem with illegal video distribution. The company also wants to offer the anime fans a platform to stream content without a subscription fee. It released a statement,

AnimeLog will distribute only officially-licensed animations and operate as a safe channel that families can enjoy together.

Anilog was introduced last August 7 with studio powerhouses Toei Animation, Tezuka Productions, and Nippon Animation. Toei Animation is known as the creator of shounen titles Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and Digimon. It also produced some of the childhood favorites of the 90s' kids Slam Dunk and Sailor Moon. 

Meanwhile, Tezuka brought the viewers the shows Astro Boy and the medical fantasy series Black Jack. As for Nippon Animation, it was the studio responsible for Princess Sarah, Yamato Nadeshiko, and Hunter x Hunter series.

Based on the source, Anilog aims to enlist at least 30 Japanese animation companies and upload over 3,000 anime titles on its YouTube channel for free by 2022.

The channel is still in the process of uploading shows for streaming in the Philippines. Allegedly, there are plans to add English and Chinese subtitles for overseas viewers.

Are you guys excited?

Sources: GMA, ScoutMag PH
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