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Facebook implements cross-messaging between Messenger and Instagram

Facebook today announced that it has beginning to implement cross-messaging between Instagram and Messaging.
Facebook implements cross-messaging between Messenger and Instagram
Messenger x Instagram

Instagram and Messenger chat integration

The company said that it is designed to provide an easier way to manage interactions across Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.
Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger

Currently, Facebook is subtly testing the system on some accounts through an update. It is not clear yet which regions are initially included. 

Reports said that a new update screen with the message "There's a New Way to Message on Instagram" appeared on many smartphones. It says that the features include "Chat with friends who use Facebook," "a new colorful look for your chats," more emoji reactions, and "swipe-to-reply."

Once updated, the IG's DM icon will be replaced with the Messenger icon.

Facebook said if your accounts are connected via Instagram, you'll receive the update automatically. Over time, Facebook will add additional engagement types to improve speed and ease with which you see and respond to customer messages.

Back in January, Facebook said that it'll integrate Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Source: Facebook, Via: HYPEBEAST
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