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MediaTek asks US government permission to provide chips for Huawei

Taiwanese chipset manufacturer MediaTek has requested the U.S. government to allow them in continuing their supply of chips for Huawei.
MediaTek asks US government permission to provide chips for Huawei
MediaTek applies permission to transact with Huawei

MediaTek as Huawei's feasible source of chips

There was a recent report wherein Chinese tech giant Huawei confirmed that it can no longer manufacture its Kirin chipsets. It was considered that MediaTek is going to supply the silicon processors since Qualcomm and Samsung are out of the picture as alternatives.

On the other hand, the U.S. government further tightened its restrictions on Huawei. There was an announcement that all parties who wish to conduct business with the said company are required to submit license applications for transactions. These license applications should be previously authorized under the TGL.

In response to these new requirements, MediaTek has now applied for U.S. permission to continue supplying Huawei with chips. The source mentioned that in case the Trump administration rejects this request, Huawei's next plan to move forward would be uncertain.

This is because of the fact that Huawei cannot make new devices without processors, It cannot produce its own anymore so its only viable option is MediaTek.

As for MediaTek, the Taiwanese company declared that it is firm in following the protocols regarding the Huawei ban. It added in a statement, 

MediaTek reiterates its respect for following relevant orders and rules on global trade and has already applied for permission with the US side in accordance with the rules.

Allegedly, the company has already stopped taking new orders from Huawei and doesn’t plan to ship chips to the company after September 15th, if the U.S. government will deny its request. 

The latest restrictions regarding the Huawei ban target to close all loopholes that permitted the company to purchase U.S. technology from third-parties.

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Sources: XDA Developers, Android Authority
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