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Huawei Learn On Program aims to support distance learning

The pandemic has forced many industries to redefine themselves and to take their processes online. One of the hardest hit sectors is education. To help make online learning better for all its stakeholders, Huawei Technologies Phils., Inc. launched its Learn On program.
ICT professionals and Huawei executives joined the Philippines ICT Talent Online Summit
ICT professionals and Huawei executives joined the Philippines ICT Talent Online Summit

Huawei Learn On Program launched at Philippines ICT Talent Online Summit

The Huawei Learn On Program is an online open platform that provides students and educators easy access to high quality academic resources from the comforts of their homes. This digital solution is aimed at propelling sustainable digital transformation in the country that will help usher a new era of ICT professionals.

The program will include learnings on topics such as Cloud, AI, 5G, IoT and big data, all of which are ICT branches Huawei has considerable expertise in. Huawei will also provide trainees with free HCI certification in various technical domains.

Additionally, Huawei ICT Academy and Learn On Program will further support the fostering of digital education in the Philippines: Huawei ICT Academy Development Incentive Fund (ADIF) will be allocated for partner education institutions to run online courses, training, and research projects; more than 130 MOOC resources will be opened up, covering advanced technical fields; more than 100 online Train the Trainer (TTT) programs will be provided for 2020, and more than 1500 teachers are expected to be trained; students will have access to courses such as Huawei Routing and Switching, WLAN, Security, IoT, Cloud Service, Storage, Cloud Computing, Big Data and AI.

To learn more about the Huawei Learn On Program, visit: https://e.huawei.com/en/talent.
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