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AC Health, 917Ventures pushes safer health consults with HealthNow!

Globe's 917Ventures teamed up with AC Health to push online health consults as the new norm during the pandemic with the help of HealthNow.
AC Health, 917Ventures pushes safer health consults with HealthNow!
HealthNow is a new, telehealth platform

HealthNow to makes consults easier and risk-free

HealthNow is a primary care platform powered by AC Health's Vigos Health and 917Ventures. It offers telemedicine consultations, online medicine ordering/delivery, and clinic and diagnostic testing booking. This will allow doctors to practice their profession anytime, anywhere. It will allow them to attend more patients and support continuity of care while managing their time and schedule.

HealthNow connects a patient to a licensed physician through the use of video calls during the consultation. Patients have the option to select their preferred doctors as well. Once the appointment is confirmed, the licensed physician may collect clinical history, create a treatment plan, render medical advice, recommend the conduct of diagnostic procedures and prescribe medication, provide follow-up care, and/or refer the patient to another physician, clinic, or hospital. This is similar to the procedure during a regular clinic visit.

The pandemic disrupted healthcare in the Philippines. The majority of the population nationwide is unable to visit medical centers due to risks COVID-19 provides. WIth social distancing in place along with limited transportation, Healthnow is a great way to practice telehealth.

The platform provides an opportunity for doctors to reach and serve a wider patient base beyond providing access to easy teleconsultation solutions and securing medical records. HealthNow also allows doctors to seamlessly monitor and assist in the journey of their patients.

Healthnow also provides doctors access to free use of an Electronic Medical Record platform that has features such as medical charting, e-prescription, and a doctor and diagnostic referrals. They can also accept virtual consultations and in-person appointments through a schedule management tool.

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