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Travel photographer Austin Mann tested out the new iPhone 12 Pro's cameras

Yearly, a well-known photographer Austin Mann takes the iPhone new releases to a comprehensive camera test.
iPhone 12 Pro

Good photos even in extreme scenarios and weather conditions

Apple has been sending Mann new iPhone models for him to test them before the official launch. This year, Mann took the iPhone 12 Pro in Glacier National Park in Montana to see how would it perform both in great and unpleasant lighting conditions.
Travel photographer Austin Mann tested out the new iPhone 12 Pro's cameras
Wide-angle shot with and without Night Mode (Photo by Austin Mann)

According to the source, the changes in the iPhone 12 Pro's camera set-up is software-based and gradual. Apple equipped its sibling iPhone 12 Pro Max with the majority of the hardware changes. 

But still, the iPhone 12 was still able to give an excellent performance in various conditions. Mann noted that adding Night mode on the wide-angle lens is remarkable.

Before, Mann told the source that the "found the quality of the Ultra Wide wasn't up to my standards when shooting in medium-to-low-light conditions, so I only used the Ultra Wide in bright, daylight conditions." With Night mode, those drawbacks were reduced.
Low-light portrait sample (Photo by Austin Mann)
Low-light portrait sample (Photo by Austin Mann)

He also tried a low-light portrait using the Night Mode of this premium phone. He wrote, "I shot this portrait of Esther about forty-five minutes after sundown, and it was overcast, so there was very little available light. (To give you an idea, we had to use a flashlight to see our path.)"

Aside from that, Mann commended the upgrade to the Smart HDR of the device. It enables him to shoot a silhouette with so much improvement from its predecessor.

In addition to that, he discovered a new function like  "Truly Locked" Exposure Adjustment. This one holds a manual exposure setting across shots and lens changes. Mann explained that the feature allows iPhone to much more closely mimic a manual camera.

Nevertheless, Mann captured pretty impressive images with the iPhone 12 Pro, he concluded that serious photographers may be better off waiting for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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