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Epson ships 50 millionth high-capacity Ink Tank Inkjet Printer

Epson shipped its 50 millionth unit of its High-Capacity Ink Tank InkJet Printer. It was first launched way back in October 2010 in Indonesia.
Epson reaches 50,000,000 units shipped

What made the Epson High-Capacity InkJet printer successful?

Epson then steadily expanded its reach to over 170 countries and countries by 2019. This growth ultimately resulted in 50,000,000 units of High-Capacity Inkjet printers shipped globally. These printers also cut down on plastic commonly used as the main component of ink cartridges lessening carbon emissions by 166,000 tonnes.

The move to first focus on emerging nations allowed them to move into more developed economies. Epson has seen its high-capacity ink tank models account for a growing percentage of the total inkjet market each year. As a result, Epson continued to maintain the top share 2 in the global high-capacity ink tank printer market for ten consecutive years.

Epson pledges to continue offering cost-effective printing costs and environmentally friendly performance especially with the huge changes to schooling and office setups in 2020.

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