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Huawei reveals Y Series Brand Refresh with quality and affordability in mind

Ahead of the Y7a PH launch, Huawei today revealed the Brand Refresh of its Y Series smartphone line.
Huawei reveals Y Series Brand Refresh with quality and affordability in mind
Are you excited to try the new Y Series phones?

Quality and affordability for the Youth!

Y for the Youth
Y for the Youth

Huawei said that its upcoming Y Series highlights "Y for the Youth, Y for You" as its refresh brand philosophy.

Basically, it is targeting the Gen Z market, a generation who "
intuitively grasps the trendy and viral elements of life online." These are the creatives empowered by the smart technology in their hands.

In line with this, Huawei made sure that its revamped Y Series of smartphones will suit best these individuals.

Here are the highlights of the new Huawei Y Series:

1. High-powered cameras Huawei shares that a great set of cameras make all the difference for young smartphone users, especially for those in pursuit of a distinct aesthetic. The company also boasts that the new Y Series is designed to capture unique visuals and mundane moments.

Likely, the new Y Series will be loaded with multiple high-resolution cameras and cool software tricks.

2. All-day long batteryWe can also expect the new Y Series of phones to come with huge battery capacity and better power efficiency to ensure that the young ones will achieve the maximum potential of their devices. It could be great for social media, gaming, Livestreaming, and more.

3. Wider and clearer display - Normally, phones with a high screen-to-body ratio are only exclusive for higher-end devices. Huawei's new Y Series aims to bring a high-resolution and big display with a near bezel-less design on more affordable smartphones. With this, the youth will enjoy content on a larger and more immersive display.

4. Supersized storage and affordability - The new Y Series also addresses the need for space by providing hefty built-in storages to accomodate scores of selfies, personal, vlogs, and graphics-heavy gaming titles while retaining an affordable price point.

With those traits in mind, Huawei is clearly trying to provide a near no-compromise experience for the youth.

The upcoming Huawei Y7a is looking to be one of them as it sports all of the above-mentioned highlights of the new Y Series.

You may take a look at its full specs here.

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