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Watch: Is the Apple iPhone 12's Ceramic Shield really 4x stronger?

YouTube Channel MobileReviewsEh puts the new iPhone 12's Ceramic Shield against extreme pressure and compares it to last year's iPhone 11.
Pressure test

Tests show the iPhone 12's ceramic shield is stronger than the iPhone 11's glass cover! 

If you scroll through online forums of which is better: an iPhone or an Android phone, one argument that never fails to come up is that iPhones easily crack. But this seems to be old news now with the iPhone 12.

YouTube Channel MobileReviewsEh made it his personal mission to prove how tough the new iPhone flagship's Ceramic Shield is through various stress tests. 

He first measured the strength of the displays of the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 with a force gauge. The iPhone 11's screen cracked at 325 newtons of force while the iPhone 12 broke with 442 newtons of force. This proves the iPhone 12's rigidity is better than the previous iPhone flagship. 

He then subjected the iPhones to scratch tests, using a rock, coin, key and a cutter. The iPhone 12, despite being on the receiving end of friction from rough and blunt objects, showed no visible scratches.

Using Mohs hardness test, he scratched the iPhone surfaces with sapphire and the 8 point left the most significant scratches on the camera, front and back glass. What does this mean for users? It would take a lot of effort for your new iPhone to show wear and tear.

The new iPhone 12 makes use of a Ceramic Shield which Apple says has nano-ceramic crystals infused right into the glass to improve durability. This gives the iPhone 12 better drop protection than previous iPhone iterations.

Now, if you decide to buy an iPhone 12 you can rest assured that your device won't easily break. But still take necessary precautions for your investment to not waste away.

Source: MacRumors
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