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NASA tapped Nokia to build the first cellular network on moon!

NASA tapped Finnish mobile company Nokia to establish the first-ever cellular communications network on the moon.
NASA tapped Nokia to build the first cellular network on moon!
Signal moon by late 2022

A cellular signal on the moon?

We'll probably get a better phone signal on the moon as Nokia is going to build a mobile network up there by 2022. This is in line with the US space agency plans to migrate humans to the moon and create lunar settlements. 

Under the Artemis program of NASA, they aim to transport humans by 2024 for long-term stays. By 2028, it hopes to have the beginnings of a lunar base and ultimately, a sustainable human presence.

For this project, Nokia is partnering with a Texas-based private spacecraft design company called Intuitive Machines. Together, they will deliver the equipment to the moon on their lunar lander. This lunar lander is said to have the ability to access lunar craters and carry out high-resolution surveys of the lunar surface over a short distance.

After that, the network will configure itself and establish a 4G/LTE communications system on the moon. Eventually, Nokia is switching it to 5G technology. 

Allegedly, Nokia's network will provide critical communications capabilities for tasks astronauts will need to carry out, like remote control of lunar rovers, real-time navigation, and high-definition video streaming.

Nokia is going to design the network to endure the extreme conditions of the launch and lunar landing and to operate in space. The group will have to send it in a highly compact form to avoid exceeding the size, weight, and power constraints of space payloads.

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