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OPPO Watch 41mm: 8 Wear OS Apps and Features to help you stay fit and healthy

OPPO Watch 41mm with Wear OS has over 15,000 apps at its disposal to help you stay fit in body and mind. Here are 8 of the best apps you can utilize.
OPPO Watch 41mm: 8 Wear OS Apps and Features to help you stay fit and healthy
Wear OS expands OPPO Watch 41mm's functions

8 best apps and features for OPPO Watch 41mm

Here are the 8 best apps you can use
Here are the 8 best apps you can use

1. Calm App - Calm is an app that guides the user through meditation to help reduce stress and stay focused on daily goals. You can tailor it to your personality with a quiz letting you choose the main reason you want to use Calm. You can use it to improve performance, increase happiness, build self-esteem, develop gratitude, better sleep, reduce anxiety, and reduce stress.

2. Sleep as Android - Sleep as Android is a smart alarm clock with sleep cycle tracking. It wakes you gently in the optimal moment for pleasant mornings. It also has Sleep Score to grade your sleep quality according to duration, deep sleep percentage, snoring, efficiency, and irregularity. It also has Spotify and Google Play Music integration or online radio alarms or lullabies.

3. Water Drink Reminder - Drinking water is very important. This app reminds you of it for proper hydration. Proper hydration keeps your skin healthy, helps prevent kidney stones, and losing weight. Reminders are personalized according to your body weight to make sure you get enough water.

4. Medisafe - Medisafe is a free pill reminder and medication tracker app. It features alarms and reminders for your medication. This is especially helpful for people with maintenance. It also has a drug-to-drug interaction checker to make sure none of your meds conflicts with one another. It also reminds you about refills as well.

5. Lifesum - Lifesum helps you in terms of diet plan. It features a food diary, macro calculator, calorie counter, and healthy recipes. It has diet plans to help you try different techniques such as keto, fasting, paleo, or sugar-free diet.

6. Nike Run Club -  NRC has tools to help you manage your runs. It has GPS run tracking, audio-guided runs, weekly/monthly and custom distance challenges, customized coaching plans, and in-run cheers from your friends. Feeling competitive? The online leaderboards is there to motivate you to do more as well.

7. UV Index Now - Just like getting enough water, getting enough sunlight helps both mentally, emotionally, and physically. However, to much sun can lead to sunburn and too much UB exposure. UV Index Now helps you monitor the UV light index globally informing you when it is safe to go out to avoid sunburn and get enough Vitamin D.

8. HeyTap Health - HeyTap Health helps in terms of paying attention to your health by recording and visualizing your daily activities, heart rate, sleep data, and more. It also has workout modes, run route tracking, step counter, workout duration, calorie tracker, and personalized exercise reports.

The OPPO Watch 41mm is priced at PHP 12,990. It is available in the OPPO concept and online stores, as well as Lazada. You can also enjoy 0% interest for up to 12 months with OPPO’s official credit card bank partners BDO, BPI, Metrobank, PNB, and Citibank.

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