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Samsung and Stanford University creates 10,000 ppi OLED Panel!

Samsung and Stanford University Engineers say that they are ready to show a new OLED panel with over 10,000 Pixels Per Inch!
Samsung and Stanford University creates 10,000 ppi OLED Panel!
Source: Standford.edu

10,000 PPI OLED Panel!?

Samsung and Stanford University engineers have been working on an OLED panel with over 10,000 pixels per inch. The new technology is based on ultra-thin solar panels that resulted in a new OLED display architecture.

In Theory, this new technology could be used for future Television, smartphone, tablet, and VR headset displays. One benefit of this new technology eliminates the screen door effect that will significantly benefit VR displays. The screen door effect is when the user sees the gap between individual pixels because the eyes are just centimeters away from the display and as of 2020, there is no display technology with high pixel density to eliminate the gap between pixels.

The aforementioned new OLED architecture uses films that emit white light. This is made of a combination of one silver layer and one of reflective metal that changes the reflective properties and that enables specific color resonance which results in a high-density display without sacrificing brightness.

Even if Samsung is able to bring this technology to the masses, the biggest concern is the computing power to be able to drive that many pixels.

What do you guys think?

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