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Apple's new MacBook Air with M1 chip scores 1,119,243 at AnTuTu

Earlier this month, Apple's M1 chip appeared on benchmarks like Geekbench showing the highest Single-Core score than any other Mac powered by Intel chips. Now, it is AnTuTu's turn to give us its benchmark scores.
Apple's new MacBook Air with M1 chip scores 1,119,243 at AnTuTu
1,119,243 score at AnTuTu

Over 1M AnTuTu score

A MacBook Air with Apple M1 chip recently appeared on AnTuTu 8 showed a monster total score of 1,119,243, the highest from any device tested at the benchmarking app so far. When broken down, it has a CPU score of 282,265, GPU score of 538,944, MEM score of 189,921, and UX score of 108,114. Basically, it is higher than the 7nm based iPad Pro 4 with over 717K score.
Full AnTuTu score
Full AnTuTu score

The test was made possible since the MacBook Air with Apple M1 chip can run iOS apps natively and it includes the AnTuTu benchmark app.

To recap, the Apple M1 is an ARM-based Apple Silicon chip under the 5nm process. It uses an octa-core design with 4x high-performance cores and 4x efficiency cores. It has 16 billion transistors in total.

Apple claims that the CPU performs 3.5x faster, the 8-core GPU is 5x faster, the Machine Learning workloads are now 9x faster and the SSD performance is 2x faster.

Apple also said that it has the ability to achieve 18 hours of video playback and 20 hours on MacBook Pro because of this.

What do you guys think?

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