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HMD Global is planning to revive the Nokia 6300 and 8000 soon!

After releasing updated versions of Nokia classics like 3310, HMD Global will allegedly be reviving the 6300 and 8000 series too!
HMD Global is planning to revive the Nokia 6300 and 8000 soon!
another revival coming soon?

The comeback of Nokia 6300 and 8000 series

According to WinFuture, it's planning to do the same thing with these units: Nokia 6300 and 8000. That info has been backed up by information found on the site of a Danish carrier called Telia whose list of devices with support for Wi-Fi calling include the yet-to-be-announced Nokia 6300 4G and Nokia 8000 4G.

It was year 2007 in which the smartphone manufacturer launched the Nokia 6300. It's a brick phone that is equipped with a two-inch LCD display, four input buttons, and a 2MP back camera. But then months later Apple released the first iPhone that possible led to Nokia's downfall.
Sliding phone Nokia 8000 series
Sliding phone Nokia 8000 series

WinFuture reported that HMD Global is resurrecting the iconic phone soon in line with its objective to expand the series of revived classics. In addition to this, they're also gearing to create a new device based on Nokia 8000 lineup. Even though Nokia 6300 is keeping its name, the comeback of the latter is inspired by the whole series of slide phones.

It’s not yet confirmed if these will run KaiOS like some HMD's current line-up. The leak stated that both models will sport 4G connectivity and a smarter system compared to their respective originals. Moreover, both devices are supposed to be unveiled in the coming few weeks.

Stay tuned for more details.

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