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Samsung Exynos 1080 to launch this November 12!

Thru its official Weibo account, Samsung teases the arrival of the new Exynos 1080 this November 12 in Shanghai!  
Samsung Exynos 1080 to launch this November 12!
Samsung will reveal the Exynos 1080 this November

A powerful 5nm chipset for Samsung flagship phones

For months, rumors of Samsung's alleged new premium chipsets that will allegedly be called the Exynos 1080 and Exynos 2100 will be announced soon. Today, thru its official Weibo account, Samsung confirms the existence of Exynos 1080 and that it will be officially unveiled this November 12 in Shanghai. 

Prior to this, Samsung already released a video with the theme "Inspiring Innovation and Enterprising Sword 2030" on its Exynos account. The video showed that they will unveil the chipset in the second half of 2020. It looks like the teaser photo is just a confirmation of this announcement.

Allegedly, the Exynos 1080 chipset is going to be the company’s top-of-the-line offering for its Galaxy devices. It will be manufactured over a 5nm fabrication process, making it the company’s first chip to use the innovation. 

According to the source, Apple’s latest A14 Bionic chipset also makes use of the same fabrication process. It can be expected that this chipset will mean low energy consumption and better performance for the Samsung devices.

The upcoming Exynos 1080 features four Cortex-A78 large cores along with four Cortex-A55 small cores. It is reportedly going to be paired with a  Mali-G78 GPU for graphics.

Two weeks ago, the first result of the AnTuTu benchmark of the chipset was posted on the Internet. In the benchmark, the chipset managed to score 693,600 points surpassing the Snapdragon 865 and 865+ chipset powered smartphones. 

What do you guys think?

Sources: Samsung, Via: GizChina

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