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Leaker: OnePlus will partner with Leica to improve camera game

Leica has been synonymous with Huawei when it comes to smartphone cameras. Now, OnePlus is rumored to finalize a partnership with the camera company.
Leaker: OnePlus will partner with Leica to improve camera game
Will we see Leica optics on OnePlus phones?

Leica cameras on OnePlus 9?

Yes, you read that right. Leica seems to be adding another big smartphone brand under its belt with OnePlus. This rumor came out from know Huawei-related leaker, Teme. According to his tweet, Huawei and OnePlus will use Leica while Nokia and vivo take ZEISS.

As a response to a question asking if OnePlus is indeed working with Leica, Teme answered straight up that it is indeed working on the OnePlus 9 series with the camera brand. If this is true, it falls in line with OnePlus CEO Pete Lau's statement in an interview stating that the company is focusing on improving camera performance through better software and hardware. Lau also assured that improvements are also coming to Nord series.

With three devices slated for the OnePlus 9 series, we are excited to see how much presence Leica makes.

If true, this is an exciting development.

What do you guys think?

Source: Twitter, Via: Gizmochina
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