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Meet realme Watch S - Stylish smartwatch for fitness and convenience

Are smartwatches worth it? If you prefer mobility and convenience, there is nothing better than a smartwatch to keep you updated.
Meet realme Watch S

Some people think that buying a smartwatch is just a waste of money. Probably, they just don't fully know what this wearable is capable of doing. Now, if you want to try and experience the benefits of owning one, you might want to consider the latest contender from realme: the realme Watch S!

This smartwatch is equipped with a 1.3-inch auto-brightness touchscreen display with Corning Gorilla Glass protection. For functionality, this one features a real-time heart rate monitor, blood oxygen level monitor, sleep monitor, drinking water reminder, and many more.

After getting to use it for a few days, let us share our thoughts about it!

Meet realme Watch S - Stylish smartwatch for fitness and convenience

Inside the box
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Inside the rectangular, yellow-colored box, you'll find the user manual, the charging port with a USB cable, then the realme Watch S itself. 
Sleek aluminum alloy build

In terms of build material, the smartwatch is housed in an elegant aluminum alloy case. It feels quite premium to touch. It has that metallic sheen that looks discreet, nothing too flashy.

Fancy yet professional-looking watch!

This aluminum build is paired with a liquid silicone strap, that is practically rubber. But a good quality rubber, one that feels flexible and bendy. Even though I'm wearing the realme Watch S for the entire day and night, it's comfy.

This one is in a matte and plain finish and I prefer it this way. Textured rubber straps may leave marks on your wrists if the watch is worn for a long time.
Back of the smartwatch
Back of the smartwatch

At the back of this wearable, you can find some manufacturing details, charging pins, and sensors.

The watch's face has minute dial details on the side so the bezels are not that thin. It's a pretty nice touch to make it more interesting. The right side of the watch face contains two protruding buttons that act as navigation keys. 
Round face design with two physical buttons
Round face design with two physical buttons

What we love the most about this smartwatch is the bright 1.3-inch display in front. It's a 2.5 curved Color Touchscreen with 360 x 360 resolution at 278 ppi. Rich colors filled the screen while the contrast is also superb. I can clearly see the details, especially the notification messages coming from my apps.

The realme Watch S has 5 brightness levels. For indoor use, level 1 or 2 would suffice but I think you'll need to increase it to 3 or 4 for outdoor use or exercise. There's also an option for auto-brightness which simply means the watch will automatically adjust brightness levels according to lighting conditions. Cool!

The watch's display shows details or information with clarity and style

As for battery life, the realme Watch S can probably last you 7 days just like what the company claimed. Why? The 390mAh is a pretty big improvement, considering the realme Watch's capacity is 160mAh.

Of course, this will still vary on the display's brightness, the strength of vibration from push notifications, and other factors.
Charging dock
Charging dock

For our experience of wearing it for four consecutive days, the battery is still more than half even though I heavily used it. I'm also impressed with the quick magnetic charging dock since it's sleek and portable. It's quite easy to use since you just have to plug the USB cord into a wall charger then place the watch properly on the magnetic plate.

When the pins are in the right position, the watch will stick automatically then you'll see a lightning symbol on the watch's display. From 10 percent, charging time took less than two hours so I guess that's pretty good.

Quick and easy charging with its small magnetic charging port

Pairing the realme S Watch to my phone is definitely a breeze. I just downloaded the realme Link app on Google Play. Then I entered the basic details like age, gender, height, and weight. The watch is connected with my Android device via Bluetooth 5.0. Reconnection speed is on average, about 5 seconds to synchronize the data.

Be sure to tick off the apps you would like to always receive notifications from such as Facebook Messenger, email, Instagram, Viber and etc. The watch gently vibrates every time I receive a notification from my selected apps. Note that you can set the vibration intensity as it has three modes: Low, Medium, and High.
Different workout modes for the user
Different workout modes for the user

For the workout modes, there's plenty of variation to choose from such as Outdoor Run, Walk, Indoor Run (Treadmill), Outdoor Cycle, Strength Training, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Indoor Cycle, Yoga, and many more. In other words, this is apt for those who are into sports already or training to get into one.

We tried testing the realme Watch S by choosing the walking mode. I think it's great that I can monitor your heart rate, calories burned, pace, and cadence while doing this light exercise. It also alerts me when there are times that my heart rate is too high.

Other handy features in this wearable are the SpO2 (Blood Oxygen) Measurement and the Real-time Heart Rate Monitor. The SpO2 sensor is designed for those who like climbing high altitudes and suffering conditions like hypoxia.

Meanwhile, it also has a Heart Rate Monitor that can help users keep an eye on their heart rates. This is really beneficial for those who have dangerous medical conditions who want to have a safer exercise. The watch lets you choose the heart rate data sample is taken every five minutes to every 30 minutes

Just like other smartwatches, this one also sports a sleep monitoring feature to track the user's sleeping pattern. It is also equipped with inactivity alerts to remind users to stretch out those muscles.

I particularly like the other two extra features, Meditation and Water Reminder. In a busy workday, I use this one to relax for a minute or three. It comes with breathing guidance then it shows your heart's bpm after every session.

For the water reminder, I like this one since I always forget to hydrate myself when I'm preoccupied. I already installed an app similar to that but there are times that my phone is not with me. So I prefer a smartwatch that has this function.

Other features

Same with other smartwatches and fitness bands, this watch also lets you choose the face design. Moreover, it realme packed this one with features that can make your lifestyle easier. The only issue I have is that it does not offer a call answering function. It only allows you to silent or to reject incoming calls.

First is the Alarm, Stopwatch, and Timer functionalities. We all have these on our smartphones so why need an extra one? Well, it's good to have them on your watch in case picking up your phone is inconvenient.

There's a Weather feature that I do not usually use. Meanwhile, I like the Music Control feature since it enables me to do my workout without fumbling on my device. The only downside here is, you cannot use this one while in workout mode. 

Losing or misplacing your phone is really a hassle, so I think all of us can benefit from the Find Phone feature. The camera control is also nice if you want to take pictures while your device is mounted on a tripod.

realme Watch S Specs

Display: 1.3-inch TFT Color Touchscreen w/ 360 x 360 resolution at 278 ppi, with Corning Gorilla Glass protection
Battery: 390mAh
OS: Works for Android 5.0 and above
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Sensors: 3-axis accelerometer, heart rate, rotor vibration, photosensitive sensor
Others: IP68 water and dust resistance, Colors: Black
Dimensions: 259.5 x 47 x 12 mm
Weight: 48g
Price: PHP 4,990

Quick thoughts

realme Watch S is loaded with helpful features
realme Watch S is loaded with helpful features

The realme Watch S is truly an eye-catching wearable for me with its contemporary and chic build plus stunning display. But more than a fashion statement, this is a smartwatch to get for yourself if you want to get into a more health-conscious lifestyle.

Why? This one almost has it all, for fitness routines and a wide array of work-out modes. Other pros are good battery life and comfortable fit, something you have to consider if you want to wear it all day. So overall, realme did an outstanding job on this watch.

Do you guys agree?

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