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TikTok App for Samsung Smart TVs launched in Europe!

Samsung and TikTok launches TikTok App for Samsung Smart TVs that provide access to most liked and viewed content on TikTok to Europeans.
TikTok App for Samsung Smart TVs launched in Europe!
TikTok comes to Samsung TVs

Britons get exclusive TikTok App on Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung and TikTok partners up to bring the a native TikTok app for Samsung Smart TVs exclusively in Europe. At the time of launch, it is first available in the United Kingdom and will probably roll-out to neighboring European countries after. There is currently no information on whether this feature will expand outside of Europe.

Samsung said on its press release that at the time of writing has now been taken down that the TikTok TV App will be streamlined for Smart TV and will be modified for a WHOLESOME experience at home. 

All Samsung Smart TVs (except 'The Sero') that were released from 2018 until 2020 in the UK will be able to download and install the TikTok TV App in the United Kingdom.

The App will have the same 'For You' and 'Following' feeds and will allow users to access the most viewed and most liked content like cooking hacks, fitness tips and more. Aside from this, TikTok will organize content into 12 categories that include comedy, learning, sports, travel, animals, art, food and more. Users will also be able to like, comment and even block content.

Lastly, the partnership also brings the TikTok TV app to the Samsung Smart TV App Store and the app will come pre-installed in future Samsung TVs as well.

What do you guys think?

Source: Samsung UK Via: GizmoChina
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