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Tranya T10 Review - Budget TWS bass king!

In November 2020, Digital Walker launched the Tranya T10 TWS earphones in the Philippines. We have been using it for a while now and here's our review.
Tranya T10 Review - Budget TWS bass king!
Tranya T10 TWS now available on Home Office PH

To recap, Tranya T10 is priced at PHP 2,990 in the Philippines. It features a waterproof design, graphene driver, great battery life, wireless charging, and more.


What's in the box
What's in the box

To recap, Tranya T10 TWS earphones came in a compact yet stylish box. Unboxing it is pretty much straight-forward wherein you just need to lift the top cover.

Inside, you will find the charging case housing the two wireless earbuds, a box containing the charging cord and extra soft silicon tips, and some paperwork.

Build Quality/Design

It has a sleek, lightweight design
It has a sleek, lightweight design

As per usual, we start with the charging case. It has an elliptical shape and is made out of tough plastic material. It is fairly lightweight as well even with the earbuds in it. It comes in Black with a glossy Tranya branding on top.

Made out of tough plastic material!

The rest of the case has a matte finish. Do not be deceived by the plastic material because the case is built to last.

It withstood knocks and drops from my clumsy self and it works perfectly still.
Both the case and earbuds have a matte finish

The locking magnet gives a substantial and satisfying snap when you close the lid. It holds pretty well when opening giving security for the earbuds inside against unwanted exposure. There are LED indicators at the front of the case to show charge levels.

IPX7 water resistance for less!

Each earbud sport a polycarbonate shell with IPX7 certification that can withstand up to 1 meter deep waters for 30 minutes. This means that these buds can easily withstand your workouts.

It has an in-ear design with three sizes of silicone tips to personalize the fit. This design can provide natural noise isolation which we will elaborate more on later on.

It also has a matte finish for each earbud with a glossy feel when you touch the center for the touch controls.


There are three different sized tips
There are three different sized tips

With the silicone tips, the fit can be personalized, at least in three sizes. We used the default tip out of the box and it did fit me well. It did not fall off while walking and even working out. 

Sound isolation can be considered to be good since it does not have a built-in active noise cancellation technology.


It charges via USB-C or Qi Wireless Charging
It charges via USB-C or Qi Wireless Charging

Tranya T10 is advertised to last up to 8 hours of continuous usage in a single charge while the charging case can extend that 32 hours.

In real-life usage, we were able to get around 7 hours of continuous usage at 75 percent volume. It is still impressive considering the price. The 50mAh battery in each earbud really is enough for a whole day's work.

It took me around 2 hours to fully charge the case using the included USB-C charging cord. It took a bit longer than that using Qi Wireless Charging though.

If you are in a rush, 10 minutes of charging is equal to 1 hour of playtime.

This combination of long battery life and fairly quick charging is perfect for people on-the-go.


Similar to a lot of modern wireless earphones, the Tranya N10 is easy to pair with your Bluetooth source of choice.

The Enhanced Touch Control is for Play/Pause, Volume Up/Down, Answer/End Calls, Next/Previous Tracks, and to switch between Sync/Mono Mode. These controls are responsive and easy-to-use but do not suffer from accidental commands.

It has the cVc 8.0 Noise Reduction for its microphones. It provided clear audio during my tests for video conferences and audio calls.

Even in games that use voice chat such as COD: Mobile got me good performance. Delay is almost non-existence.


The Tranya T10 TWS features a 12mm Graphene-coated Dynamic Driver in each earbud. It supports Qualcomm aptX and is also AAC applicable.

Bass monster!

The drivers were able to provide a reasonably clear and crisp sound despite its boosted lows with massive bass response.

Every time you use it, you will hear that it has a built-in bass boost. I don't see any way to turn it off though. Fortunately, it does not interfere too much with the overall sound quality.

It even has sparkling highs that's good for high-pitched tunes.

The soundstage is also considered as wide and large for an in-ear earphone this small. Separation could be a bit better, but we are just nitpicking here.

For us, this sounds quite well for the price. It is a good all-rounder when it comes to different genres of music.

Watching YouTube videos and Netflix, the stereo experience greatly enhances the experience. Dialogs are clear while the sound effects such as explosions and gunshots really hit hard.

In gaming, it works well with minimal to no delay.

Pros - Fast and simple pairing, low-latency connection with Bluetooth 5.0, lightweight earbuds, amazing audio quality, Qi Wireless charging, long battery life, multi-sized tips, IPX7 certified
Cons - No ANC, no way to turn off bass boost

Tranya T10 TWS earphones Specs

Driver: 12mm Graphene-coated Dynamic Driver
Microphone: Microphone w/ cVc 8.0 Noise Canceling 
Battery: 480mAh (case) w/ Qi wireless charging
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP) w/ AAC/aptX/SBC
Others: USB-C, IPX7 water resistance, Colors: Black
Price: PHP 2,990


Tranya T10 TWS provides great value for its price
Tranya T10 TWS provides excellent value for its price

At just PHP 2,990, the Tranya T10 is one of the best and more affordable TWS earphones in the market. It has a premium design, IPX7 certification, great audio quality, and long battery life.

This TWS provides value above its price and we highly recommend it!

Build/Design - 4.25
Comfort/Isolation - 3.75
Battery Life - 4.5
Features - 4.5
Sound - 4.75
Average - 4.35/5

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