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PH telco industry has ZERO government funding versus countries with top speeds

Based on the latest Ookla Speedtest Global Index report last November 2020, the Mobile and Fixed Broadband internet speed in the Philippines is still far from the Global Average despite recent strides by local telcos to improve networks.
PH telco investment versus the world

For Mobile, PH rank is up by 1 for spot number 110 out of 139 countries. For Fixed Broadband, PH rank is up by 4 for rank 103 out of 176 countries.

This 2021, local telco players will invest further to make their services better. The 3rd telco is gearing up for its launch as well. AND recently, the Philippine government has started helping the telcos speed up the cell tower permitting process.

But if the Philippines wants to compete with the best in the world, our local telco industry will need more help.

PH telcos with government funding anyone?

Based on recent data, countries with the fastest internet speeds have been supported by substantial government investment. In PH, investments in telecommunications infrastructure have been solely privately-led.

In short, PH telcos have ZERO government funding versus countries with top speeds.

In comparison, all in the top 5 of the Global Ranking for Mobile internet globally as of November 2020 have government spending to support ICT.

Number 1 ranked UAE for Fixed Broadband enjoyed a government spending of USD 435.6 million (around PHP 20.9 trillion). 
PH against Asia Pacific countries
PH against Asia Pacific countries

In the Asia Pacific, number 2 ranked South Korea received USD 24 billion (around PHP 1.1 trillion) while China got USD 289 billion (around PHP 13.87 trillion).

These infographics suggest that if the government will also put a budget into a national broadband network of some sort (backbone), even if just a small portion of what other countries spend, the PH telco industry will evolve faster.

Imagine that.   

Now, let's hope that the budget hike for the National Broadband Program (NBP) will materialize.

Sources: UAE, MOTC, Ookla, PNA 1, 2 

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