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PLDT fires up fiber optic services in Marinduque!

The PLDT Group recently fired up its fiber optic services in the island province of Marinduque!
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PLDT improves telco service in Marinduque following fiber optic deployment

This move would in turn allow its wireless arm Smart Communications to deliver faster mobile data speeds, PLDT said in a statement.

The Pangilinan-led telco said connecting Marinduque to the rest of the Philippines via inter-island submarine and inland cable systems could support connectivity requirements of businesses, schools, and households as the country shifts to the new normal amid the coronavirus pandemic.

With the new normal, we have been relying heavily on connectivity to communicate with our family, friends, and loved ones. People need the internet to work from the safety of their homes. Students need it to attend online classes. Among businesses, it has also accelerated the adoption of e-commerce, and more companies are going digital. It has changed the way people use and consumes content from the Internet as well, said Mario G. Tamayo, SVP for Network Planning and Engineering and OIC - Technology of PLDT and Smart.

Tamayo said PLDT would continue to invest in its network buildup to further expand its reach to remote areas and improve its services. 

Earlier, Alfredo Panlilio, PLDT chief revenue officer and Smart Communications President and CEO, said the group may spend as much as PHP 92 billion this 2021.

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