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Alleged Android 12 screenshots leaked, shows new UI and functions

Android 12 is expected to be launched later this year. Alleged screenshots seem to showcase its new UI and features. Is this Google's revamped OS?
Alleged Android 12 screenshots leaked, shows new UI and functions
Alleged Android 12 screenshots surface

Alleged Android 12 screenshots surface

Android 12 home screen?
Android 12 home screen?

Ahead of the Developer Previews and Betas that are supposedly rolling out later this month, an early draft of Google documentation summarizing the Android 12 changes was allegedly leaked along with screenshots.

In one of the alleged screenshots, Android 12 seems to showcase a new notifications panel UI. The transparent background was replaced by a beige, opaque backdrop. We speculate that the colors may depend on your theme choice or with Dark Mode. The rounded corners of the Notification Panel are more noticeable now too. There's still a separation between your conversations and your normal notifications.

The Quick Settings toggles now only show 4 settings when not completely expanded. This is 2 fewer settings compared to Android 11. This makes the icons bigger too. This is could be customizable as well. The position of the date and the clock has been switch too. Interestingly, there is a new privacy notification on the top right corner, indicating if your device is using its camera and microphone in the background.

Additional new privacy features, Android 12's Privacy settings seem to have new toggles to completely disable the camera and mute the microphone when now in use. Also, location and sensors can also be turned via a Quick Setting tile.

Lastly, Android 12 may have an upgraded widgets system. Screenshots show that there seems to be a new Conversations widget that shows recent messages, missed calls, and more. It is also stated in one of the documents that this widget may be a mandatory requirement by Google for all Android 12 devices in the future.

What do you guys think?

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