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Apple restricts users from searching the word "Asian"

Apple's security settings prohibit users from searching for the word "Asian" in Google.
Apple users cannot Google search 'Asian' due to iOS 14 screen time!
Photo from Steven Shen's Twitter post

Prevents users from accessing adult content?

The screen time section in Apple's settings is designed to restrict access to adult sites or pornography. It has three options: unrestricted access, limit adult websites, and allowed websites only. 

But then, an Apple user raised an issue about the parameters of this restriction. Steven Shen reported that it stops the users from googling the keyword 'Asian' in the search bar. It means the phrases such as Asian cuisine, Asian hairstyle, or even Asian countries can no longer be used.

Shen posted an image on Twitter to show the search result with the word 'Asian' and it reads: "You cannot browse this page at 'google.co.uk' because it is restricted." However, when the search is narrowed down to 'Indian food' or 'Japanese cities', the browser can produce an expected list of results.

Because of this very strange search restriction, Shen keeps on criticizing Apple. He added,

On iOS if you turn on "Limit Adult Website" under Screen Time > Content Restrictions, Safari blocks any website URL containing the word "Asian". Seriously, go try it, it's unbelievable. I filed a [report with Apple] a long time ago. Nothing changed.

There are assumptions that this is the result of AI since it's not likely that someone from the company had coded this. But Apple should have fixed this issue sooner since there are organizations that believe that this can be a form of sexism and racism. 

For example, Kate Isaacs from NotYourPorn said that it's abhorrent that the word "Asian" makes people think of porn instead of representing an ethnicity. NotYourPorn is an organization that aims to raise awareness of injustices in the porn industry.

Apple has not yet disclosed an explanation regarding the issue.

What are your thoughts on this?

Source: LadBible

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