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Xiaomi reveals its first Quad-curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone

On Twitter, the world's number biggest mobile maker Xiaomi announced its latest innovation—the company's first Quad-curved Waterfall Display Concept Smartphone.
Stunning design!

88-degree curved surface!

Based on the image that Xiaomi shared, it is a large-looking mobile phone with an all-screen appearance. Unlike most phones with bezels, this has curvatures on all four corners of the phone.

The Chinese tech giant noted that this "revolutionary" mobile phone design has a hyper quad-curved 88-degree surface. They noted that it using "countless" breakthroughs in glass bending and laminating technology to extend the limits of the display to infinity.
With 46 patents in total
With 46 patents in total

It comes with a port-free unibody design with a whopping total of 46 patents.

Xiaomi boasts that this is a never-before-seen smartphone phone factor.

Bending glasses like this is not new to Xiaomi. In 2019, Xiaomi released the Mi MIX Alpha concept phone with a Surround Display that wraps around the device from front to back 360-degree with a 180 percent screen-to-body ratio.

But, this is the first time we saw them have a Quad-curved design.

To recap, rival Huawei also released a phone with a Quad-Curve Overflow Display display called the P40 Pro. But, it isn't as curved as this. That design helped its users enjoy gesture controls better when swiping on top or down.

The company hasn't shared other details about this breakthrough though.

We are unsure yet if they will sell this device like what they did with the Mi MIX Alpha with CNY 19,999 (around PHP 148.5K) price tag.

Still, we think that this is an exciting development.
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