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60,000 cheaters banned by Activision in COD: Warzone

Activision puts an end to the accounts of 60,000 cheaters as they are permanently banned for using cheat software in the Call of Duty: Warzone.
60,000 cheaters banned by Activision in COD: Warzone
Call of Duty: We have zero tolerance for cheaters

COD: Warzone cheaters, bye!

The makers of the game, clearly stated that all forms of cheating is taken very seriously and that maintaining the fairness in competitive shooting has always been their top priority. Currently, they have banned accounts amounting to 300,000 in total worldwide since launch.

The company said that they will be continuing their efforts to identify and address those who provides source of cheating software, those who shares unauthorized third party software for modding and hacking,

Moving forward, Activision is going to improve its effort in tackling the issues in cheating by enhancing their anti cheat software, additional detection technology, more resources for monitoring and enforcement, zero tolerance for cheaters, consistent and timely bans.

Cheating has always been present in any game, whether using aimbot, wallhack, stat hack etc.

It all disrupts the fairness and kills the joy for those who only want to have fun and play competitively. Thus, the developers promises that they are committed in stopping it at all cost.

Source: Call of Duty

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