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Balete City aims to be the first Philippine-made AAA video game

An indie team of developers headed by Niley Bacolcol, is currently making the "Balete City" video game based on Philippine mythology.
Beta gameplay of Balete City

A homegrown game based on Philippine mythology

On its Facebook page, the group mentioned that the upcoming video game seeks to have a "third-person semi open-world RPG" filled with the famous Philippine monsters from our myth.

Remember in our childhood when our elders or parents used to mention horror stories regarding Aswangs, Tikbalangs, and other mythic creatures to scare us and force us to sleep at night?

In this upcoming unique video game, you get to interact with these mythical beings such as the Kapres, Aswangs, Tikbalangs, Sigbins, Siokoys, and even Tyanaks that haunt you in your nightmares.

They mentioned too that there will be moon eating dragons such as the menacing "Bakunawa" and the elegant "Minokawa" from the Negros Islands.

These and many more creatures will be featured in this Filipino made role-playing game. The developers aim to match Triple-A quality and promises to do their best.

According to their FB page, the game is currently in prototype and will hopefully be available in 3-5 years depending on sufficient funding, office, and development team/staff to finish the game. They also aim to make it available on steam, PS4/5, Xbox, and Switch.

Now, who's excited?

To support the game, visit this link.

Source: Balete City

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