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Call2Teams coming to PH and SEA through Gur Lavi Communications

Gur Lavi Communications teamed up with Qunifi to bring and provide Call2Teams in both the Philippines and the Southeast Asian region.
Call2Teams coming to PH and SEA through Gur Lavi Communications
Call2Teams will be distributed by Gur Lavi Communications in PH

Call2Teams coming to PH via Gur Lavi Communications

Call2Teams is deemed to be the easiest way to voice-enable Microsoft. Call2Teams tapped the fastest-growing telecommunications distributors in the Philippines, Gur Lavi Communications, to expand its reach in the SEA region and the Philippines.

Gur Lavi believes that working with Qunifi and Call2Teams can quickly deliver a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective solution for voice-enabling Teams.

Call2Teams works like a middle-man or bridge between users' existing phone system, PBX or SIP trunk provider, and Microsoft Teams. This allows the users to keep their existing carrier and phone system investment while allowing them to answer calls via the Microsoft Teams app. This works on both computers and mobile devices.

The Call2Teams cloud service simply connects customers’ phone services to the Microsoft Teams environment without any additional software or hardware investment. This provides a simple per-user solution that allows companies to easily take a hybrid approach of benefiting from Microsoft Teams while still leveraging the communication tools they already have.

You can contact Gur Lavi Communications to find out more about Call2Teams here.

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