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Filipino-owned Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizers now available, starts at PHP 6,000

Now that the country is gearing up for opening up the economy this year, safety in public spaces such as offices, schools, and other areas must be a top priority.
Filipino-owned Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizers now available, starts at PHP 6,000
Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizers

Cold Plasma Technology

Aller uses cold plasma technology in their products. To give you a quick background, cold plasma is ionized air and when these plasma ions are dispersed in the surrounding space, they proactively attach themselves to unseen airborne bacteria, viruses, and odor molecules. As a result, it deactivates and destroys these harmful contaminants, transforming them into harmless water vapor. 

Cold plasma ions replicate a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions, similar to what sunlight does in the atmosphere.

The Orion Series sterilizers are filter-free and have specially designed conversion iontubes to produce cold plasma. These iontubes convert air into bi-polar ions (positive and negative ions) that proactively eliminate microscopic pollutants that traditional filters cannot trap.

As we are slowly restarting our economy and going back to our 'next normal' life, the need for a safer, cleaner, and more sterile environment has never been this important. We can survive without food for 3 weeks and without water for 3 days. But we cannot survive without air for more than 3 minutes! Yes, there is an abundance of air, but we have to consider the 'quality' of indoor air that we breathe, particularly in high foot-traffic areas, offices, and commercial spaces where we share indoor air with other people, said Jona A. Chiang of Aller Innovations, Inc.

These sterilizers also help to remove dust in the breathing area, which leads to fewer allergies and eliminates unpleasant odors and VOCs. These sterilizers are best to use while there are people in an occupied space because they are safe for humans, pets, and plants as well.

Price and availability

Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer (Winter White, Space Gray) - PHP 6,000
Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer  (Limited Edition Gold) - PHP 6,799
Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer His & Hers Bundle - PHP 11,699
Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer His & Hers Luxe - PHP 12,199
Aller Plasma Nano+ Sterilizer Family Bundle x3 - PHP 17,950
Aller Orion Shield 30 - PHP 23,000
Aller Orion Shield 50 - PHP 29,800
Aller Orion Shield 100 - PHP 48,000
Aller Orion XPro - PHP 63,800
Aller Orion Defend - PHP 79,800

The Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizers are available in three colors: Winter White, Space Gray, and Limited Edition Gold. 

These are available online on their website. We will update this article as soon as we have the details if they have physical stores around the Metro.

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