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ICT Org warns about security and data privacy risks from LYKA app!

An ICT organization called the Computer Professionals' Union (CPU) shared a series of Tweets about how LYKA works and uses your information.
An ICT Org warns about security and data privacy risks from LYKA app!
LYKA users can acquire gems through sharing information and interaction (Screenshot from Google Play Store)

What is LYKA?

LYKA is an app that combines social media with e-commerce, content creation, and community. It's like a social media app wherein you can post pictures, videos, text, interact with friends and public personalities. 

lIt was launched in Southeast Asia as early as March 2019, but it caught people's interest and curiosity in January of 2021 after actress Ivana Alawi's endorsed it on YouTube. Every action you take on the app lets you collect gems. To earn them, you can upload your own content pr rate other people's posts. 

Also, you can share and receive LYKA Gems from friends who are also on the platform. Merchants also do giveaways from time to time. Users get an initial of 5 gems from creating the account and 1 gem is equivalent to PHP1.

What's the possible danger of using this app?

According to Computer Professionals' Union, the app incentivizes users to share more and more information on the platform. However, from a security and data privacy perspective, it could mean multiple dangers. The Tweet added,
Section A of LYKA’s privacy policy details the information the app will collect from its users, including names, addresses, contact details, and even bank details. These form a clear picture of someone’s identity and allows unscrupulous users to use data for nefarious means. 

The organization further explains the issues about the LYKA's terms and conditions. In Section C, it shows that the app can share your personal information with other users, service providers, and partners. 

Moreover, they reported that LYKA does not inform its users who have access to their data. Allegedly, there's no transparency on how their personal data is being handled so there's a possibility that the app can sell it for profit.

LYKA has yet to issue a statement regarding this issue.

What are your thoughts on this?

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