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Poly introduces Microsoft, Zoom certified Sync speakerphones in PH

Poly unveiled the Sync Family of smart, USB, and Bluetooth speakerphones. These bring high-quality audio to your office for conference calls.
Poly introduces Microsoft, Zoom certified Sync speakerphones in PH
Poly Sync Family speakerphones are now available in PH

Poly Sync Family speakerphones now in the Philippines

It can be connected via USB and Bluetooth
It can be connected via USB and Bluetooth

The Poly Sync Family speakerphones are certified and trusted by both Microsoft and Zoom. This means that you can expect professional-grade audio quality for calls in your WFH setup or office. There are three models namely the Poly Sync 20, 40, and 60. These can work via USB and Bluetooth.

First, the Poly Sync 20 and PolySync 20+ have a three-mic array which makes them ideal portable solutions for today's hybrid work environments. Both have a 3-in-1 configuration combining a personal speakerphone, portable music speaker, and a smartphone charger. It has a compact, sleek design with a carrying case to have it ready when you need to be on-the-go. 

Both also have advanced digital signal processing algorithms to ensure great audio quality for both sides of the call. The Poly Sync 20+ includes a BT600 USB adapter for seamless Bluetooth connectivity.

Poly Sync 40 has a better microphone with a greater pickup range as well as capabilities to charge smartphones. Two units can also be daisy-chained to adapt and expand the reach within varied conference room sizes. It also has 20 hours of talk time on a single charge and automatic Bluetooth unpairing after every meeting.

The Poly Sync 60 is the largest in the lineup. It has all the features of the previous two but it is designed for larger meeting spaces and conference rooms. It has a six-mic array and intelligent LED features wherein the device can automatically track the voices in the meeting room and adapt to make sure the other end of the call has great audio. It also has two large built-in speakers and the ability to support a USB video camera.

Price and availability

The Poly Sync 20 is currently available in the Philippines while the Poly Sync 40 will be available in mid-2021 and the Poly Sync 60 later this year. You can get a quotation here.

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