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CHERRY joins the Lazada Birthday Sale, get up to 50 percent off!

Local tech giant CHERRY shared that it has joined the Lazada Birthday Sale today March 27, 2021. During the sale, several CHERRY devices will get up to 50 percent off on selected items.
CHERRY joins the Lazada Birthday Sale, get up to 50 percent off!
CHERRY  Lazada Birthday Sale

Best CHERRY deals during the sale

Aqua Infinity and Cherry x Secret Fresh
Aqua Infinity and Cherry x Secret Fresh

1. Cherry Mobile Aqua Infinity - This handset is originally priced at PHP 7,999, but during the sale, it will be priced at just PHP 5,999. Moreover, it will come with a FREE Crystal Speaker and Flare Watch.

To recap, this handset is currently the most affordable with 8GB RAM in town paired with the MediaTek Helio P60 processor. It also highlights an quad-camera with 12MP main + 20MP depth + 2MP mono + 2MP AI camera configuration.

2. Cherry Flare A1 Roam - From PHP 2,999, the smartphone/roaming device will be priced at just PHP 1,999.

3. Cherry Flare S7 Power - From PHP 2,999, the device with a 5.45-inch display, triple SIM, and 5,000mAh battery will be priced at just PHP 2,499.

4. Cherry Nitro Port Adapter
- From PHP 180, the two-port charger will be priced at just PHP 144. This comes with a fast-charging feature, LED indicator for fast and normal charging, and safety features like protection from overvoltage, short circuit, temperature, and overcharge.

5. Cherry Pulse Headphones - From PHP 280, these budget headphones with a wide dynamic range and enhanced bass will be priced at just PHP 224 during the sale.

6. Cherry Pulse Sport Wireless - Originally priced at PHP 280, the wireless neckband-style in-ear earphones with upgraded sound and up to 3 hours battery life will be priced at just PHP 244.

7. Cherry Gaming Micro USB Cable, Cherry Gaming Micro Type-C Cable, Cherry Type-C Cable Flat Braided - From PHP 180, these handy cables will be priced at just PHP 144.

8. Cherry x Secret Fresh Hoodie - PHP 1,299 to PHP 1,099

9. Cherry x Secret Fresh T-Shirt - PHP 699 to PHP 499
Love Marie and Cherry Ion
Love Marie and Cherry Ion

10. Love Marie Collection Fitness Watch with 5k mAh Love Marie Collection Powerbank and FREE strap - PHP 3,699 to PHP 2,499. This watch comes with Bluetooth, a pedometer, a heart rate sensor, an activity tracker, sleep monitor.

11. Cherry Ion with 2-in1 Disinfecting Lamp with Powerbank Bundle - From PHP 4,899, the bundle will be priced at just PHP 3,699. CHERRY claimed that this item is proven to prevent colds, hay fever, and asthma by emitting up to 200 million/cm3 negative ions (healthy anions). Meanwhile, the disinfecting lamp is equipped with UVC which kills 99.9 percent of germs and has a 6,000mAh battery capacity, two USB ports, and a quick-charging feature.
Cherry Pet, Cherry x Deerma
Cherry Pet, Cherry x Deerma

12. Cherry Pet Smart Pet Fountain - From PHP 6,450, the smart fountain for your pets with a FREE extra filter will be priced at PHP 4,999.

13. Cherry x Deerma Water Spray Mop - From PHP 890, it'll retail for just PHP 790. This helps its users clean the floor using its 350ml water tank capacity, 360-degree rotatable rod, and wide range water spray function.

14. Cherry x Deerma 2-in-1 Handheld Sweeper with Waterspray Mop - This waters spray mop from PHP 1,390 will retail for just PHP 1,099.

15. Cherry x Deerma CM800 UV Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner - From PHP 2,990, the device that can remove dirt, dust, and allergens with a UVC lamp for sterilization will be priced at just PHP 2,490.

16. Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Steam Cleaner - From PHP 5,290, the device that can clean multiple parts of your home using its 5 brush heads and up to 99.99 percent sterilization and 230ml tank will be priced at just PHP 3,490.

17. Cherry x Deerma VC40 All-in-One Vacuum Cleaner - Originally priced at PHP 10,490, the device will be priced at just PHP 6,999. It comes with four brush heads like double roller, banister, electrostatic, and flat suction. It also has a large capacity dust tank, noise reduction technology, 15000 Pa powerful suction, and a digital brush motor.

18. Cherry x Deerma Lint Remove - From PHP 1,490, it will be available at just PHP 1,490. You can use this to remove lint on black clothing and prevent damage to your apparel.

19. Cherry x Deerma Multi-Function Steam Iron - From PHP 3,290, the flat iron x garment steamer will be priced at just PHP 2,299.

20. Cherry x Deerma Portable Humidifier - From PHP 1,490, this comes with an aroma diffuser to keep your home fragrant, smart power-off tech, and anti-bacterial water tank with 2.5L capacity.

You can get these devices at the Cherry Mobile Flagship store at Lazada, click here.

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