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Deal: CHERRY to cut the price of several home devices on its Spring Cleaning Sale

CHERRY is having a huge sale for its home appliances that can help you around this spring cleaning season.
Deal: CHERRY to cut the price of several home devices on its Spring Cleaning Sale
Selected items like vacuum cleaners, humidifiers, steamers are on sale

Home devices from CHERRY to make cleaning much easier

Spring cleaning stands for thorough domestic cleaning of your entire home. It means you go by each room, from top to bottom. This can mean a lot of hard work but your tasks can be easier with devices and appliances from Cherry x Home Deerma. Luckily, CHERRY is making them more affordable during its Spring Cleaning Sale!

To start off, CHERRY has a range of vacuum cleaners you can choose from. The Cherry x Deerma DX700 Ultra Quiet Vacuum Cleaner features noise reduction technology so you can still clean the place at night. It also has a large-capacity dust box to remove a huge amount of dirt conveniently. This now sold at PHP 2,241 (from PHP 2,490).

The next item is the Cherry x Deerma TJ210 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner with an 18,000 Pa strong suction to effectively clean wet or dry floors. It is also equipped with a quad-revolving filter system, and a 6 Liter large capacity dust box. You can get it for PHP 4,990 (from PHP 6,490).

Meanwhile, this handy tool can help you get your floors squeaky clean. The Cherry x Deerma 2-in-1 Handheld Sweeper with Water Spray Mop has three layers of mop cloth: carbon filament, fine fiber, and adhesive. Aside from that, it features a spray that has a wide range for large area coverage. You can purchase this for PHP 1,099 (from PHP 1,390)

Ironing a lot of wrinkled clothes? The Cherry x Deerma HS006 Portable Garment Steamer might be the quicker solution. This portable garment steamer sports different ironing functions: horizontal, hanging, and inclined. It also acts as a clothes sterilizer so it also removes germs from them while making them more presentable. This is now available for PHP 1,790 (from PHP 2,490)

This home device also uses the power of steam to sanitize but on various types of surfaces. The Cherry x Deerma ZQ600 Multi-Function Steam Cleaner allegedly can sterilize up to 99.99 percent with its high-pressure and temperature steam. The selling price of this steam cleaner is now PHP 3,299 (from PHP 5,290). 

Aside from the Cherry x Deerma products, there are some CHERRY Home devices included in this sale. The Cherry Air Purifier AP-100 is now priced at PHP 8,990 (from PHP 11,990). You can also get s a FREE Robotic Vacuum upon purchase.

Cherry Mobile products like WT1, Flare S7 Power, and V6 are also receiving price cuts during this promo. You can also get the Cherry PL300 Powerlink Alloy Powerbank, Cherry Pulse Headphones S2, and Cherry Pulse Sport Wireless S5 at a good discount.

You can catch CHERRY's Spring Cleaning Sale from March 29 to April 4, 2021.

To know more about the CHERRY items mentioned, you can visit its online store. 

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