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Fitbit Ace 3 with kid-friendly features is now priced in the Philippines!

Fitness wearable brand Fitbit just released the Ace 3 for kids who are 6 years old and above so they can develop healthy habits.
Fitbit Ace 3 with kid-friendly features is now priced in the Philippines!
Fitbit Ace 3 in Cosmic Blue and Astro Green color combination

Colorful and functional fitness bands for your kids

The Fitbit Ace 3 primarily works as an activity and sleep tracker for children. It features more animated clock faces and new accessories. It comes with secure silicone bands and a bumper design to withstand spills and tumbles. There are two options for colors: Black with a Sport Red clasp or Cosmic Blue with an Astro Green clasp.

The company claims that this wearable has a battery life of 8 days and can also be used for swimming and other water-related activities. Moreover, the Ace 3 helps motivate kids to get moving to reach the 60 daily active minutes with reminders to take at least 250 steps per hour.

There's an option to adjust these notifications during school time so it won't interrupt them. Children can also set goals and track their activity or review their stats.

To make sure they develop good sleeping habits, the Ace 3 is equipped with sleep tracking, bedtime reminders, and silent alarms. With the use of the Fitbit app, kids can communicate with other users with their parent's consent. They can have friendly games with them through Family Face-Off challenges and celebrate milestones with virtual badges and trophies.

In terms of privacy, parents can set up a family account to access privacy controls and protections. This is highly recommended especially if their child is under 12 years old. Through a Fitbit Family account in-app, parents are able to access Parent View where they can easily see their kid’s activity, manage what is shown on their kid’s app experience, and approve their kid’s friend requests.

Price and availability

Fitbit Ace 3 - PHP 4,790

Fitbit Ace 3 will be available at major retailers in the Philippines such as Digital Walker, Lazada, and Shopee and starting March 31, 2021. 

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