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Google launches 2nd generation Nest Hub, now with sleep tracking

Google announced the 2nd generation of the Nest Hub. This is a smart display/speaker that allows you to control your connected home and more.
Google launches 2nd generation Nest Hub, now with sleep tracking
Google unveils 2nd Gen Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub gets updated design and features

Google Nest Hub now has Sleep Sensing feature
Google Nest Hub now has a Sleep Sensing feature

The new Nest Hub has a new design with now an edge-less glass front and four colors in Chalk, Sand, Charcoal, and Mist. It is still an eco-friendly product since it still uses recycled materials for its build.

The speakers were also updated to have 50 percent more bass. It has motion sensors upfront for gesture commands like pointing your palm to play or pause music. It also on-device learning chip like the Nest Mini and Nest Audio for some Assistant tasks on the device itself without the need to interact with the Google servers.

The biggest new feature is Sleep Sensing. Sleep Sensing uses a feature called Motuib Sense that is powered by a Soli low-energy radar on the device's front. This will then track your body's movement while sleeping. You need to have the device next to you on a bedside table to make this work. Sleep Sensing can keep track of things like coughing, snoring, light, and temp changes in the room using the Nest Hub's microphone, light, and temperature sensors. With all the data gathered, the Nest Hub can then produce a sleep report.

This feature only works for the person closest to the Nest Hub and can only track the sleep of one person at a time. For those worrying about security and privacy, this feature is completely optional and there are no cameras included with the Nest Hub. Sleep Sensing is available as a FREE preview until 2022.

International price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen - USD 100 (around PHP 4.9K)

It is now in pre-order in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia at the Google Store and other retailers. Local availability and pricing are yet to be announced.

What do you guys think?

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