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MediaTek takes top spot for smartphone chipsets shipped in 2020!

A report from Digitimes surfaced revealing that MediaTek became the top smartphone chipset maker in 2020 in terms of shipments.
MediaTek takes top spot for smartphone chipsets shipped in 2020
MediaTek continues to grow as a top smartphone chipset supplier

MediaTek takes the top spot in 2020

According to Digitimes, the brand's huge growth can be partly attributed to the growing number of orders from different key smartphone manufacturers. Another factor is the Huawei US Ban as well as its new lineup of Dimensity chipsets that are in the frontline of the brand's 5G revolution.

In 2020, MediaTek shipped 351.8 million chips to different smartphone OEMs that a huge jump from 2019's 238 million units shipped. This translates to being only 17.2 percent market share in 2019 to 27.2 percent market share in 2020. This also marked the first time MediaTek overtook Qualcomm as the leader in smartphone chipset shipments.

In terms of the biggest brands that are being supplied by MediaTek, Xiaomi is the top brand with 63.7 million units with MediaTek chips shipped in 2020. OPPO is second with 55.3 million smartphones shipped while Samsung comes in third with 43.3 million smartphones shipped.

Due to the Huawei US Ban, Huawei worked with MediaTek to supply more chipsets for its smartphones. Its HiSilicon chips are seemed to be designed for its flagship devices. 2021 will also see MediaTek grow more since Huawei and Honor is expected to continue outsourcing smartphone chipsets from them.

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Source: Digitimes

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