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OPPO silently launches 45W AirVOOC wireless Charger in China!

Alongside the flagship Find X3 series, OPPO quietly lists the 45W AirVOOC wireless charger for sale on China online retailer JD.com.
OPPO silently launches 45W AirVOOC wireless Charger in China!
AirVOOC charger

45W wireless charging?

Last March 11, 2021, OPPO officially unveiled the new Find X3 and Find X3 Pro with 30W AirVOOC wireless charging globally. In China, OPPO quietly lists a new 45W AirVOOC Wireless charger on China online retailer JD.com.

AirVOOC was first introduced on the OPPO ACE2 last April 2020 and has yet to arrive Internationally or in the Philippines. Unlike the OPPO Find X3 series, the OPPO ACE supports up to 40W wireless charging. This means that OPPO has yet to release a phone outside of China with more than 40W AirVOOC support. However, the sister brand OnePlus did release the OnePlus 8 Pro with 30W Warp Charge Wireless.

This is a surprise as OPPO has yet to announce or release a phone that can support the maximum 45W wireless charging. GizmoChina speculates that this charger could be rebranded in the future as a possible 45W wireless charger for the upcoming OnePlus 9 Pro.

Interestingly, the new 45W AirVOOC wireless charger does not come with a wall charger but does come with a USB Type-A to USB-C cable. Aside from the maximum of 45W wall charger, the new AirVOOC charger also supports wall chargers with 18W, 20W, and 65W charging. 

Like most modern wireless chargers, smartphones can be placed in either portrait or landscape orientation on the charger and it will still charge. It can also charge thru cases with thicknesses of up to 2mm.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

OPPO AirVOOC 45W - CNY 329 (or around PHP 2.5K!)

It is now available for purchase in China thru JD.com. 

There is no word yet on International or Philippine pricing and availability.

What do you guys think?

Source: JD, Via GizmoChina

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