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Philips Gaming Monitors partners with Fulcrum Esports Valkyries

Philips Gaming Monitors officially announced that it is partnering with Fulcrum Esports Valkyries, an all-female Filipino Valorant team.
Philips Gaming Monitors partners with Fulcrum Esports Valkyries
Philips Gaming Monitors X Fulcrum esports Valkyries

Philips Gaming Fulcrum Valkyries now official

Philips Gaming Fulcrum Valkyries is a team composed of an all-female roster with both fresh faces and experienced players in the PH FPS scene. The team is headed by Captain Eunice Ann "Rashida" Abendanio, In-Game Lead Fiona Noreen "DelBisky" del Rosario, two duelists in Rissa Nicole "NicoleG" Grumal and Trisha "Trishmosa" Villanueva, controller/sentinel Mary Fleur "Hysteria" Intes, and team smoke specialist Jasmine Eunice "Qomotion" Cruz.

Fulcrum Esports recently rebranded its Valorant teams with new team names and logos, the Valkyries being one of them. Fulcrum Valkyries represent the all-female counterpart of Fulcrum Catalyst. Both teams constantly compete to maintain is rankings in the country and the region.

Prior to the partnership, the team has been making waves in both local and regional scenes. The team finished in the top 5 of Liga Adarna's "Sleigh the Enemy" Valorant Tournament in December 2020. The team also got a playoff berth during the regional FSL FPS Valorant tourney.

For 2021, Philips Gaming Fulcrum Valkyries is looking forward to the upcoming FSL FPS season with the aim to qualify in the top-tier regional competition. On the local scene, the team is also planning to join upcoming all-female Valorant tournaments.

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