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PLDT Enterprise launches Smart Bro 5G for businesses!

PLDT Enterprise announced the Smart Bro 5G plans for businesses. This aims to equip more businesses with the latest connectivity and technology.
PLDT Enterprise launches Smart Bro 5G for businesses!
PLDT's Smart Bro 5G business plans launched

PLDT Smart Bro 5G plans for businesses

Today, all Smart Bro plans under PLDT Enterprise are 5G ready with Smart Bro Plans1899 and Plan 3500 with 90GB and 200GB data allocation respectively. For a limited time, PLDT is extending an exclusive offer to include a FREE 8-inch Samsung Tab A with every Smart Bro 5G order to those who will pre-order starting March 10, 2021.
Smart 5G Rocket WiFi
Smart 5G Rocket WiFi

According to PLDT, the Smart Bro 5G business plans are designed to unlock better efficiency and elevate productivity especially in the new normal workflows in different industries and mobile work setups. Enterprises will be able to do more with PLDT's 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband capabilities.

5G technology is the next generation of wireless internet connectivity, offering faster speeds and more reliable internet connections than ever before. There will be three things needed for users to enjoy and experience Smart Bro 5G: a 5G-ready SIM, a Smart-certified 5G enabled device, and be in an area where the Smart 5G network is available.

The 5G Rocket WiFi from PLDT is touted as the "best performing" 5G device available in the Philippines by the company. It has 5G connectivity and a long battery life packed in a portable body. It can connect up to 10 devices at the same time via WiFi 6 connectivity.

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