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Supreme Court of the Philippines utilizes Microsoft 365 to hold virtual hearings amid community quarantine

With COVID19 still rampant in the Philippines, technology has proven to be effective in bridging gaps brought about by community quarantine. In the same way, the Supreme Court of the Philippines is making sure justice is enacted with the help of videoconferencing.
Microsoft 365-powered hearings

Virtual hearings are made possible by Microsoft 365

170,000 virtual hearings have been held by the Supreme Court of the Philippines through Microsoft technology.

The Philippine justice system has institutionalized remote appearances in court proceedings with the help of Microsoft 365. As of October 2020, over 81,000 PDLs and children in conflict with the law nationwide have successfully gone through digital proceedings using videoconferencing.

With an established system (Guidelines on the Conduct of Videoconferencing) and through a combination of web applications, intelligent cloud services, and secure operations, every Filipino, here and abroad, are guaranteed fair and transparent proceedings. These virtual proceedings are conducted by a judge and have recorded a success rate of 80 percent.

The Supreme Court, hand in hand with Microsoft 365, has gone through collaborative workshops to ensure the system to be foolproof. Microsoft is also ready to provide necessary IT support.

Microsoft has shared that this digital transformation has already been embraced by 27,000 courts across the Philippines. While the judiciary admits that there are still improvements to be made, this move is one step closer to bringing Filipinos virtual access to justice.

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